Sunday, November 09, 2014

Millennium Fall Cooking Class

A beautiful, fall salad of thinly shaved persimmon, topped with a salad of bitter greens, shaved fennel, and fresh herbs with a thick meyer lemon vinaigrette and toasted pistachios. What you can't see is the cashew cheese "chevre" under the greens.  A perfect start to a vegan Thanksgiving....

Today's cooking class at Millennium, San Francisco's premiere vegan restaurant, with Chef Eric Tucker, had an appropriate fall focus on comfort, along with California freshness.

Potatoes are a classic comfort and we elevated them in these perogies with a filling of potatoes, truffle, and cashew cream, served with a dijon-horseradish cream:

These thick cut potatoes fries were transformed by smoking:

Brussels Sprouts blanched then sauteed with smoked tofu were incredible:

A twist of vegetable-fried rice, this version with kimchee:

Grilled tempeh with quince-braised cabbage:

For the gluten-free, a truffle-potato cake subbed for the perogi (we added garbanzo flour to the potato filling and dusted with a combination of rice flour and a gluten-free flour mix from Red Mill), pan-fried, then baked:

Dessert was a blondie-crusted pear torte with cashew pastry cream and a failed whipped cashew cream became the most amazing cashew ice cream spiked with orange and rum:

Many thanks to Eric and Sam for another great class.

A fabulous group of cooks and food enthusiasts today - cheers!

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