Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pizzetta 211

I recently enjoyed a great girls get together at Pizzetta 211 in San Francisco's Richmond District (23rd between Calif. and Clement). Certainly, the tiniest restaurant I've been in lately! There's four maybe five small tables, and the feeling was, well, crowded. I started with a delicious golden beet salad with beet greens and toasts with olive tapenade and goat cheese. Really delicious.

The amazing thing about the pizzetta is the wafer thin, crispy crust. It's so light and delicious, you can go ahead and eat the whole pizza. My pizza below had rosemary, pine nuts and a cheese whose name I forget. The rosemary was a little bitter, but it was still good.

One friend had the brussels pizza with onions and a little meyer lemon. My first pizza with brussels and it was really awesome.

Another friend had simply the crust, tomato sauce and arugula (no cheese). I thought she was crazy until I tried it. The tomato sauce was incredibly fresh and delicious. I'd say it was definitely worth the wait.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Millennium Class: Fall Harvest 2008

This Sunday saw another fabulous vegan cooking class at Millennium, the gourmet vegan restaurant in the theater district of San Francisco. Taught by executive chef Eric Tucker, with trusty assistants Thomas, Claire, and Jen, these cooking classes are awesome, team-building, hands-on lessons in making the most of the best seasonal produce available at the SF Farmers Market with the expertise that can only come from an executive chef of a top-notch vegan restaurant.
Sunday is my only free day day of the week and I can't think of a better way to spend it than at a cooking class at Millennium. And there's nothing like a team-cooking experience to bring you together with other, cool, like-minded people.

OK. Enough gushing. Let's talk about the food.

Above, the heartier of the two soups: a mushroom gumbo with potato. Mushrooms included portobellos and cauliflower mushrooms. Below the lighter mushroom soup: with mirepoix, cauliflower and oyster mushrooms, with orange cauliflower. Both soups used cashew cream to add a creaminess and depth. And both were garnished with shaved matzutake mushrooms.

A delicious carrot and cabbage Curtido pickle:

To-die-for Heavenly Blue corn Papusas with pumpkin and roasted poblano filling:

Left-over papusa filling with extra corn meal and flour, deep fried into delicious dumplings:

Apple and habanero relish:

Wheatberry wild rice salad with black lentils and nuts with orange flavours:

Squash and carrot tagine:

Galette filled with greens (Stinging Nettles (which give a seafood flavor), Dino Kale, Escarole) with caramelized onions and cashew cream in a shortcrust pastry:

Fruit compote filling for crepes:

Crepes with creamy pumpkin filling:

(Sadly) not pictured (but heartily eaten), the delicious persimmon and cookie dough sorbet and the coconut and pomegranate sorbet, both of which were so good I forgot to take pictures of them! And the hazelnut -chocolate sauce! Divine!

Everything we made was delicious. The wheatberry salad was outstanding. I'm not big on grain salads, but this salad converted me!


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  • Tuesday, November 04, 2008

    Thank You America!!!!!!

    Let's care about all Americans!!!!

    Thank you from the place in my heart that feels that anything is possible.

    Today the world just opened up!

    Thank you America !!!