Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 2014 Millennium Cooking Class

Oatmeal-Zucchini-Raisin cookie with creamy avocado ice cream and peaches marinated in rose geranium syrup! 

Must be another fab cooking class at Millennium, San Francisco's premiere vegan restaurant!

Why, yes, there's Eric now showing us how to make those incredible deep-fried mushrooms that no one can resist from Millennium's appetizer menu:
Photo credit: AudreyNickel

Sadly, I lost almost all of my 62 photos from the class to the ether - the strangest camera-computer download loss ever.  Many thanks to my classmate, Audrey Nickel, for sharing some of her shots with me.

While it's hard to beat that delicious cookie ice-cream sandwich combination, my favorite recipe this time around was the Asian Style Shredded Summer Salad with Kaffir Lime-Date Dressing:
Photo Credit: Audrey Nickel

 Served in a lettuce or cabbage leaf and served with black garlic marinated mushrooms and tempeh or tofu, spice toasted peanuts and vaudovan oil, this main salad dish had a wonderful combination of bright and smoky flavors.  The salad itself was made of thin ribbons of cucumber and carrot (we used a vegetable peeler), jicama matchsticks, green papaya, and fresh herbs (mint, thai basil, Italian mint).  I love the fresh flavor of the kaffir lime leaves that were in the dressing of lime juice, dates, ginger, chili and agave nectar.  Although the dish, as pictured above, took a while to prepare and had quite a few components, I'd definitely make a quick chopped salad with this dressing and some peanuts and marinated tofu just for myself.

For our second meal, we made papusas with masa and corn, topped with a delicious green salsa.  The papusas were filled with a tempeh picadillo and we enjoyed both pan-fried and deep-fried versions.

Many thanks, as always, to Eric, Ann, and Alison for all the hard work they put into making these classes such a cool experience.  Thanks also to Assistant Sam.

OMG! Class 26!
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