Saturday, February 02, 2013

Green Bean, Cannellini Bean & Potato Pesto Salad

If you're looking for a crowd-pleasing dish to share this weekend that delivers indulgent flavor without throwing good nutrition out the window, this Green Bean, Cannellini Bean, and Potato Pesto Salad is a winner!  

Like all my favorite recipes, it's quick and easy to prepare, whether you make everything diligently from scratch or take advantage of my stress-free cheater tips. As long as you can boil water, you can make this delicious dish and I guarantee your friends and family will be impressed with the result.

I used a bag of Trader Joe's tiny potatoes, which I put in a saucepan with water and salt and brought to the boil and boiled for 4-5 minutes. I then cut them in half and put them in a large mixing bowl with a little sea salt. I "cheated" by using 1 1/2 bags of pre-trimmed green beans from Trader Joe's ($2.99) that I cooked in the microwave for 3 1/2 minutes. I then put the beans in a cold water bath to stop the cooking and cut the beans in half and added them to the potatoes. I drained and rinsed a can of white cannellini beans and added them to the beans and potatoes.  I thinly sliced two green onions (spring onions) and then added 3 TBS of a pre-made fresh pesto from our local high-end grocery store.  Fresh ground salt and pepper and my dish was ready to go! 

I wouldn't recommend using a commercial pesto that isn't freshly made for this. They typically have a lot of additives and, while they are acceptable in a hot pasta dish, you'll notice the waxiness in a fresh salad like this one. Go for a fresh made pesto from a good store like Whole Foods, Paradise, Molly Stones etc that has a few basic ingredients (basil, olive oil, parmesan, pine nuts, salt and garlic). It's quick and easy to make your own pesto in a mini-prep, if you need to, and, if you're catering to vegan sports fans, simply leave out the parmesan.  

I tested this out on my friends at the horse ranch today and everyone loved it!  Not only does it taste great, but those fresh green beans and protein-packed cannellini beans make it pretty darned guilt-free.

I'm also happy to share this recipe to celebrate the tasty seventh birthday of Albion Cooks!  And, as a Bay Area Blogger, "Go 49ers!"

Happy Groundhog Day and enjoy the game tomorrow!


Blogger Christine said...

Happy blogaversary! I have enjoyed your recipes immensely over the years. Here's to many more!

11:34 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

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11:34 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

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11:34 PM  
Blogger Catherine said...

Thanks, Christine!

8:26 AM  
Blogger Jacqueline Meldrum said...

That looks great Catherine and great minds think alike. I made two different potato salads today.

Would you like to enter it into this month's No Croutons Required. The topic is potato salad. If you do, just add the link in your post and add your recipe to the linky.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous pia said...

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11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohh nice. Its not just simple nutritious. I am definitely going to try this recipe in dinner. Thanks for sharing! :)

6:40 AM  

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