Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lobster Mushroom & White Chanterelle Pizza

I took the ferry from Larkspur Landing to the Ferry Building yesterday with my son. We mostly went for the ride, but I couldn't go without seeing what Far West Fungi had on offer.  I chose the Lobster mushroom and some White Chanterelles to play with.  According to the guy behind the counter, the White Chanterelles have a fruitier, less peppery taste that regular Chanterelles.

I kept the treatment very simple and simply fried them with some salty butter and a little garlic.  I enjoyed them right from the pan but did manage to save some of them for the mess of a pizza below (it got dark on me!).  Just very thin pizza dough, the mushrooms, and a little grated Gruyere cheese. Yum!


Anonymous Christine said...

Oh yes, Yum!

12:54 PM  
Anonymous recipes videos said...

looks good, i like the pictures

3:35 PM  

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