Friday, January 29, 2010

Onion Rings at Buckeye Roadhouse

Crispy Onion Rings with Mustard Seed Ketchup

A cast-off (my wrist) celebration dinner last night was my first meal at Buckeye Roadhouse in Mill Valley. I'd always thought of it as a meat place, but there were plenty of delicious vegetarian options. Everyone I mentioned my dinning location to raved about the food and had a favorite dish to recommend. D. sold me on the mountain o'onion rings featured above. L. told me the Pan Roasted Artichoke with Creamy Tarragon sauce was excellent - it was, and I love artichokes! There was a time (in my extreme youth), when I ate two artichokes for dinner every night!

We also loved the Iceburg Wedge with Point Reyes Blue Cheese Vinaigrette (no bacon). The service was excellent.

Fellow foodie, and awesome dessert chef, D. and I had a lovely girls night out. I love going out and sharing a selection of dishes with friends.

No arm twisting required to make another visit to Buckeye! Items to try next time: P recommended the garlic fries! D. loved the Portobello tart, and that English Pea lasagna calls to me!

You can download the menus from the website: Buckeye Roadhouse


Blogger Appetite for Conversation said...

They have veggie options? I never would have guessed it. Thanks!

7:44 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

I'm going to the Roadhouse menu in just a second (got to have that mustard seed catsup recipe!), but had to stop and say hello. And apologize for not being around in quite a while. Sorry to hear about your wrist and glad to know the cast came off. I hope it's good as new. I look forward to seeing some vegan recipes here.

12:15 PM  
Blogger Anna Haight said...

So sorry to hear about your wrist! And glad the cast is off. Hope to have a girl's night out with you in this 2010!

2:08 AM  

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