Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Scrambled Eggs on Toast with Garlicy Mushrooms and Goat Cheese

It was one of those days today. You know, one where you just didn't sleep right and got up too late and had to rush first thing, and all day long your eyes are watering and your nose is running and you pray you're not getting sick while everyone around you sneezes and coughs, and your hair looks like something went seriously wrong, but you're not sure what, and you have to work like a nut, then rush to pick up the kids from school, and you get caught in a rainstorm, and it being bitterly cold and windy, they're whining and miserable, and you wonder....

So I shelved my Tofu Masala dinner plans, because, by dinner time, I just wanted something comforting, something simple. Eggs. The perfect little protein.

I made my scrambled eggs on toast a treat by sauteing some baby portobellos and my last pretty chanterelle in garlic (you can hardly see the ports as they were on top of the toast before I topped them with scrambled eggs). Topped with some goat cheese and my secret luxury ingredient, a little white truffle butter (if only I'd remembered it sooner, I'd have cooked the eggs in it).

Happily, they were perfect.

Now all I need is a huge claw foot tub, plenty of hot water and a bubble bath. Well, at least I know what I want!


Blogger Bea said...

Looks very comforting indeed! Hope the day ended well for you.

6:09 PM  
Blogger Amy Sherman said...

Feel better! I think I'm coming down with the same thing...

4:25 AM  

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