Tuesday, December 04, 2007

White Bean Vegetable Soup

I know. It's December. A month one associates with indulgence, treats, and sparkle!

And I want you to know I have nothing against any of these.

But, like many folk, I find the extended lead-up to the holidays a little suffocating, a little over-indulgent.

I forget which magazine a few years ago did a holiday story on a French designer's Christmas Eve meal. It was beautifully humble... very pretty... but most importantly, humble.

This attitude really resonated with me and I must say I now prepare for a holiday feast by focusing on gratitude for the simple, the humble, the natural. Foodwise, I'm craving meals like vegetable soup with baguette, and sides that require no preparation (sliced fruits, tangerines, nuts). I crave the simple and uncomplicated dish. I want to save the champagne and indulgence for the big day, so, in my case, hold the bonbons.

Tonight's simple supper was a soup with fresh white Italian beans from the SF Farmers Market, organic cauliflower, broccoli, rainbow chard, baby dutch potatoes, and carrots. A little vegetable soup broth, tomato paste, pesto paste, and olive tapendade made the broth sing. And, feel free to honor your indulgent side with 1/2 cup of red wine.

Serve with a French/Italian baguette, butter, and cheese. Follow with apple slices and walnuts.


Blogger Allison Ann Aller said...

Ah, to find fresh white Italian beans somewhere here in the Portland area!!!

8:17 AM  
Blogger bazu said...

I know what you mean- in the build-up to Thanksgiving and then all through the holiday season, I become much more introspective about food, and the idea of feast and bounty, and I enjoy humble, simple meals most of all. There's just a part of me that bristles at the idea of enforced overindulgence. Your soup is gorgeous!

7:13 PM  

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