Saturday, July 21, 2007

Asparagus, Shiitake & Tofu Roll from Pacific Catch

Although I am rather addicted to their Tofu Wasabi Bowl, I've discovered a few additional vegetarian items at Pacific Catch that are deliciously worth a mention.

Above is their Asparagus, Shiitake & Tofu Roll with carrot, scallion and miso sauce. Pretty enough for a picture (I thought), and very tasty. I have to say, I'm often put-off by the texture of shiitakes, but they were just right here. The miso sauce was fantastic.

Another spectacular discovery (my latest addiction) is their Grilled Artichoke with Basil Aioli. I think it's the best artichoke I've ever tasted and the basil aioli is incredible! They also serve french fries just the way I like them. My favorite indulgence: Pacific Catch french fries dipped in basil aioli. I'd been craving them for days...


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