Sunday, June 17, 2007

Farro-Stuffed Portabellos with Eggplant & Cacio di Bosco al Tartufo

Hmmm....looks good, huh? Roasted portobello, filled with farro with marinara, topped with Cacio di Bosco al Tartufo (percorino with truffles), wrapped in a strip of roasted japanese eggplant.

I can't believe how beautifully this came out! I wanted to do something with eggplant and had just got the portobellos at T.Joe's. I decided to roast them both, brushed with olive oil and balsamic. I had some left over cooked farro and was thinking of chopping the vegetables and mixing them with the farro, when suddenly I got this wonderful idea to create a stuffable tower with the two. It held together beautifully and the rich combination of smoky eggplant, juicy ports, farro, tomato, and creamy cheese made for a magnificient mouthful (or two)!

I love the portobello/eggplant towers and I'm thinking of other fillings:
  • farro with pesto

  • lentils with pesto

  • lentils with cilantro, mint, & feta

  • chopped tomatoes, red onion, and mozzarella

  • black beans with guacamole and cheddar

  • I welcome your suggestions!


    Blogger Anh said...

    I love your stuffed eggplant!

    Other filling you can include:

    1. Cooked rice toss through some kind of dressing and chopped sun-dried tomatoes.

    2. Small spiced poatoes cubed with some sour cream on top, and a bit of sweet chili sauce, too!

    11:15 PM  
    Blogger Lydia said...

    Wow -- that is a beautiful thing! I've never done much with farro -- an early attempt left me feeling ambivalent about it -- but now I'm tempted to try again!

    2:32 AM  
    Blogger Linda said...

    mmm looks fantastic. perfect idea!

    7:25 AM  
    Blogger cookiecrumb said...

    Did you just invent the world's sexiest party food? Yow.

    12:36 PM  
    Blogger Sam said...

    I eat animal products. I don't shy away from the facts. I respect the whole animal and I know where my meat comes from a lot of the time. In the case of the chicken I tried to utilize all parts of it. Despite that you apparently find me 'apalling' for putting a photograph of a beautiful dead chicken on my blog. Hey - I eat dead animals and I don't pretend not to.

    I love you too, Catherine, but someone who claims to be a vegetarian whilst at the same time happily eating animal rennet products that are used to make foods like cheese, could be accused of a certain amount of hypocrisy in this argument. Who knows how the animal that made that rennet was treated, or how it died or where it came from? I am guilty of this as much as you because I eat cheese too.

    I used to be a vegetarian. At that time I didn't eat any cheese if I didn't know 100% that it was free of animal rennet. I didn't drink wine that I wasn't sure didn't have isinglass or blood in it. I didn't wear leather. It was tough being a true vegetarian. But it is the only bona fide position to be in if you want to criticise people who eat meat, I think. Otherwise we'll just come back at you and remind you that you probably eat dead animals too.

    6:16 PM  
    Blogger Catherine said...


    Thanks for your honest perspective. I don't intend to criticise people for eating meat. I know many vegans who are very careful with all their choices and I am definitely not in that class. I have been thinking of going vegan for a month, maybe I should give it a try?


    7:13 PM  

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