Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Chickpea Crepes with Pesto Fava Beans, Potato, & Feta

Looking for a more exciting wrap or crepe recipe?

Try these tasty Chickpea Crepes from Myra Kornfeld's The Voluptuous Vegan. They have a slightly nutty flavor and add a touch of the exotic, even to a filling made of leftovers, like this one.

You don't need to stretch your imagaination far to find flavors that go with these crepes. Of course, Indian flavors are wonderful, but this simple mixture of green garlic, cooked and peeled fava beans, cut cooked fingerlings, and pesto topped with feta also made a deliciously satisfying meal. A smokey eggplant filling would also be awesome, or ratatouille, lentils and spinach, or even a salad mix with avocado and citrus. Great picnic fare!


Anonymous gaja said...

Lovely! I had marked this recipe in Voluptuous Vegan a long time ago but I just found chickpea flour recently so I cannot wait to try it. Your filling is gorgeous and I also like the idea of a salad with avocado. Thank you for the inspiration!

5:41 AM  

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