Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Skillet Seared Tofu with Miso Sauce

The finely sliced scallions and red pepper made this tofu beautiful, but grilling the tofu with a rich miso sauce made it taste divine!

I loved everything about this meal: the pretty tofu, the rice with black sesame seeds, and the green steamed snap peas and broccolini, topped with a hint of toasted sesame oil:

Another wonderful recipe from Vegetarian Suppers from Deborah Madison's Kitchen, the Skillet Seared Tofu with Miso Sauce was easy to prepare and incredibly tasty. A great meal to impress guests! Here's my adapted recipe:

Skillet Seared Tofu with Miso Sauce:

16 oz block of extra firm tofu
2 tbsp olive oil
soy sauce

Miso Sauce:
1/3 cup white miso (shiro)
2 tbsp mirin
2 tsp fresh ginger, grated, minced, or chopped
1 tsp toasted sesame oil
2 tbsp mayonnaise

Scallions and red peppers, cut into tiny slivers

Heat the oil in a non-stick skillet over med-high heat. Cut the tofu into 8 slices. Fry the tofu slices in the oil until browned on each side. Add the salt and soy sauce towards the end of frying each side.

Combine all the sauce ingredients in a mini-prep and process until smooth.

Heat the broiler. Place the cooked tofu on a baking dish and cover the top of each slice with the miso sauce (you'll have lots of sauce left over). Heat under the broiler until the miso topping starts to blister. Remove and serve topped with slivers of scallions and red peppers and extra sauce, if desired.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know what? Every week on my late night at work I check out your blog, and then I want to cry as I am sitting here hungry, and you are at home eating delicious food :)

10:10 AM  
Blogger Catherine said...

Welcome Lady,

Gosh! A little planning and this food can be yours! (I try to stick to pretty easy recipes with a big impact!).

8:06 PM  
Blogger Judy said...

You take the most amazing photos! Everything looks delicious!

5:13 AM  
Blogger Catherine said...

Thank you Judy!

9:38 AM  
Blogger Lydia said...

That tofu looks absolutely beautiful!

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog is really inspiring! You have encouraged me to try new recipes from some of my favorite cookbooks (The Healthy Hedonist, to dust off books that were being ignored on my shelves (Real Food Daily), and to buy new ones as well... I just ordered Vegetarian Suppers from Deborah Madison's Kitchen :)

2:47 PM  
Blogger Catherine said...

Lydia and Anon,

Thanks so much for your encouraging words!

Anon - you remind me its just about time to cook something from Healthy Hedonist. Veg. Suppers has tons of great recipes, I'm sure you'll like it. I think the key to Madison's recipes (generally) is to simplify where possible and cut back on the fats (she's pretty indulgent on the cheese/cream front).

5:59 PM  
Blogger Pepper said...

Deborah Madison is a genius; she epitomizes California cuisine for me. I haven't tried this recipe yet but I love that cookbook and some recipes inspired by her are going to turn up on my blog before too long.

5:32 PM  
Blogger Catherine said...

Pepper - welcome. Thanks for commenting - now I've discovered your blog! I do rely heavily on D.M's genius.

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We just love this recipe! It's a weekly staple in our house!

7:39 PM  

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