Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Five Foods Everyone Should Try

Susan from Fatfree Vegan tagged me with this meme, started by Melissa at The Traveler's Lunchbox. More of a "joint project," than a meme, the idea is to "create a list of food bloggers' top picks for things you've eaten and think that everyone should eat at least once before they die."

I found it very difficult to limit myself to five foods, but it was fun to mentally review all my food memories, searching for those taste and texture epiphanies.

So here goes:

1. Red Lentil Rice Patties with Cilantro Sauce : This incredible recipe for lentil rice patties made from red Bhutanese rice and red lentils with fragrant cumin, topped with a deliciously green cilantro sauce made with coconut milk and jalapenos from The Healthy Hedonist by Myra Kornfeld was definitely a food epiphany for me.

2. Humboldt Fog Cheese with its twisting river of vegetable ash, Humboldt Fog is an incredible combination of tangy, crumbly, fresh goat cheese, and ousy ripeness together in one phenomenally smooth goat cheese. Made in Arcata in Humboldt County, a product of its unique foggy coastal California environment, Cypress Grove Chevre uses only goats milk that comes from a handful of small, local, pasture-based farms.

3. Squash Blossoms: add beauty to your life by enjoying these succulent flowers. A unique food experience, enjoy them fried, stuffed with cheese, or on pizza.

4. An English cream tea complete with scones with butter, jam, and cream, and cucumber sandwiches with butter, vinegar, salt and pepper. I wish I was enjoying one right now!

5. Gooseberry fool - a lovely English summer dessert made from tart gooseberries and heavy cream.

While there's no pressure if you don't want to participate, I'm tagging these folks 'cos I'd love to know their five choices:

  • Tofu from What the hell does a vegan eat anyway?

  • Melody from Melomeals

  • Christine from Christine Cooks

  • Jenniferschmoo from Vegan Lunchbox

  • Dori from The Bakehouse

  • And anyone else who wants to add their say to the joint project!


    Blogger Alanna said...

    These are SO fascinating! Love the scones ...

    11:03 AM  
    Blogger Melody said...

    awesome! I will do this tomorrow... and I HAVE to try that red rice/lentil pattie with the cilantro sauce...

    6:02 PM  
    Blogger SusanV said...

    Great list! I agree about the red lentil patties. That recipe made me buy the book. :-)

    8:11 PM  
    Blogger funwithyourfood said...

    wow the only thing on that list that I have tried is squash blossoms and a realy english tea.
    there is a english tea shop not too far from where i live. it's owned and run by an family from england and they import english products for you to buy
    it's a great place!


    9:18 PM  
    Anonymous Ivonne said...

    I like your answers!

    6:49 AM  
    Anonymous sam said...

    cream tea is de riguer on any such list! Have you ever been to Lovejoy's in the City?

    hae you ever seen gooseberries around these here parts??

    10:12 AM  
    Blogger Catherine said...

    Hi Sam,

    Indeed! I haven't been to Lovejoy's, but its definitely on my list of things to do now the kids are back in school.

    I saw gooseberries in a clamshell at Mollie Stone's, but they were really tiny compared to the one's I remember picking off the bushes in our garden in England. I have a tin from the British Food Center, but that's not quite the same.

    I'd love to have gooseberry fool again, so p'raps I'll check out Mollie Stone's again.

    12:51 PM  
    Blogger Catherine said...

    funwithyourfood - I'd love to have a little shop like that here -maybe I should open one!

    SusanV - me too! and everything I've made from the book so far has been wonderful.

    Melody - looking forward to your answers - you must try the rice lentil patties! in fact, everyone should!

    AK - I'm tagging you on this if you haven't been tagged yet! Hmm scones... we had a fav. place in England where we'd stop on our way to the seaside. It was called the goblins pool or the gnomes pond or something. This was a country cream tea with a massive plate of fresh, steaming scones with butter, jam, and clotted cream - incredible!

    12:56 PM  
    Anonymous Eva P said...

    Fantastic! I searched on Google for the inn Goblin's Pool and found that someone else had been there, so please tell me, does the inn still exist? How do you get there? My husband and I were there in 1978 but we have never found it since. We have been travelling around the area many times and asked local people but nobody seems to have heard about it. Sometimes I think we have dreamt the whole thing. But we would very much like to go there again. We have such nice memories from that holiday!

    1:30 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    No you didn't dream it at all! I am an Englishman who knew & loved The Goblins Pool Inn, very much. I first went there in the 1960's & early 1970's with my parents & grandparents and vividly remember the delicious lunches & teas. Then I didn't go there for ages and then I re-discovered it in the mid-1980's and used to stop there for lunch or dinner with a girlfriend on the way down to her parents who lived the South Coast. But now it seems to have disappeared as a commercial concern. The building (a charming thatched cottage) was well known locally and appears in old photographs. It is located at Bucks Green village (off A281) in Sussex. It's Postcode (UK equivalent of ZIP) is RH12 3JF

    11:59 AM  
    Blogger Catherine said...

    Thanks Anon - I love this!

    5:14 PM  

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