Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tiny Savory & Sweet Buttermilk Scones

These tiny scones would make perfect party appetizers! I think they'd be wonderful for a little girl's tea party!

I got the idea from the tiny scones in Hors D'Oeuvres, an inspiring book of fabulous party mouthfuls by Eric Treuille and Victoria Blashford-Snell. I used Clare Connery's Irish Buttermilk Scone recipe as a base for these scones and made three versions: plain, cheese and chive, and cheddar and green olive. They were all fabulous!

For the cheese and chive version, I added grated Tintern, a cheddary Welsh cheese with plenty of bite, strongly flavored with shallots and chives. I simply worked the grated cheese into the sticky dough before I rolled it out. For the cheddar and green olive, I chopped the green olives very, very finely and then worked at cheese into the olives with my knife, then kneaded the mixture into the dough.

I used one of my Japanese Vegetable Cutters to cut out the tiny scones.

These mouthsized versions took 8-10 minutes at 425 and made about 60 tiny scones. These all got eaten on the day, but I'm sure you could make these in advance for a party (savory scones often taste better on day 2!).

I topped the plain scones with butter and jam and the savory with cream cheese and chives or tomatoes. My favorite ... I can't decide!


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