Thursday, June 01, 2006

Portobello, "Sausage", & Spring Onion Pizza

Wow! This was a great pizza! Portobellos cooked with garlic, red wine, and balsamic vinegar, with crumbled Morningstar "Sausage" Patties, and quick fried red spring onions on a cornmeal crust from Trader Joe's dough, topped with mozzarella.

I'm really not into "faux meat". Never having cooked real meat dishes, ways to use the "faux" meats never occur to me. I was looking for pizza recipes with portobellos on, however, when I came across the portobello/sausage combo idea (in their recipe the Port was the pizza "crust").

I basically only had the Morningstar Sausage Patties in the faux sausage dept.. These patties are absolutely yummy on their own or in an English Muffin sandwich. I microwaved a couple of patties and then cut them up with a knife and fork. They were a little on the dry side, so I added a few drops of red wine, which instantly revived them.

The ports were peeled and sliced. I fried two minced garlic cloves cooked in oil for one minute. I then added the sliced mushrooms with a little red wine and balsamic vinegar and cooked for 4-5 minutes until they were tender and had released their juices. I plated the ports, wiped out my skillet and cooked the thinly sliced spring onions in a tiny bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. (Don't do the onions with the mushrooms, the mushrooms bleed.)

The pizza was then created. TJ's Cornmeal crust dough with a little Contadina Pizza Sauce, some grated mozzarella, spreading out the cooked port slices like a fan around the pizza, onions in-between, sprinkled with the sausage mix, then more mozzarella cheese. Baked for 10 mins! Yummy!


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