Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bermuda Triangle Pizza

Bermuda Triangle, another fabulous goat cheese from Cypress Grove Chevre in Humboldt County. I was excited to find this in a local grocery store and chatted to the cheese lady. "It looks so elegant on a cheese plate" she remarked. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I was buying it for a pizza. Bermuda Triangle gotta love the name!

This cheese was quite pungent and tangy when I tasted it alone. It mellowed perfectly on the pizza, though, of course, its cool shape was lost (get it?..lost). It was the star of the pizza! A little pizza sauce, grated mozzarella and thinly sliced tomatoes were all the fanfare needed for this star to shine.

I served this awesome pizza with a salad of greens, thinly sliced apples and walnuts, with the tiniest light Dijon vinaigrette, and a nice cold glass of chardonnay.


Blogger Mindy T. said...

Cheerio, Katherine. I'm happy to find your blog. I can tell we're surfing the same food wavelength. I love Cypress Grove cheese, and have you tried the Point Reyes Original Blue? Not to mention Cowgirl Creamery... I'm in the East Bay. Don't we have an embarrassment of food riches right at our doorsteps? Fortunate indeed.

I'll visit often. Gasho to you...

11:46 PM  

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