Friday, April 21, 2006

Mediterranean Couscous with Mint

I love mint and couldn't resist buying the tiny, fragrant little bundle I found at the farmers' market this week. Everything about mint appeals to me, the smell, obviously, but I also love the way it looks. This was very young mint, with tiny dainty leaves.

But what to make? I realized that I really haven't made much of mint, except English mint sauce. So I started researching mint recipes and found this one for Minted Mediterranean Couscous Salad at This was a winner for me as I had a package of Pinenut Couscous on my list of staples to use and also had a red pepper that needed using.

The resulting salad was absolutely delicious! I associate mint with sweet recipes and I'm always a little anxious about savory recipes but here the mint flavor is very mild and really heightens the feta and pepper. And this is a snap to make - 10 minutes top. This would be a great pot luck or picnic dish - it really doesn't get any easier than this for an awesome result.

My adjustments:

  • I used a dressing of lemon olive oil and balsamic vinegar instead of the bottled dressing listed in the recipe (fab!)

  • I used sliced tinned olives and chopped them

  • I used about 1 cup of feta cheese (twice the amount the recipe called for)

  • I used pinenut couscous instead of plain and added about 1/4 cup of pinenuts

  • I served the couscous with Trader Joe's Lavosh crackers, Meza Hummus, and a spinach salad.


    Anonymous kymm said...

    Yum. It's been my experience that you pretty much can't go wrong combining mint and feta. Green peas and lemon both go well with that combination as well. Donna Hay does a lot of recipes incorporating those flavors with some sort of grain - usually a risotto. This looks great, I've got some couscous lurking on my shelf as well and an unruly patch of mint out back. Hmmm...

    3:35 PM  

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