Monday, March 27, 2006

Farmers' Market Finds: Hodo Soy & Gourmet Tortillas

While visiting the San Rafael Farmers' Market at the Civic Center this weekend, I noticed a new stall selling soy products. The stall was crowded and everyone was enjoying the samples and buying the products from the enthusiastic and friendly vendors. The company is Hodo Soy Beanery and their products are currently available at the San Francisco, Berkeley, and San Rafael Farmers' Markets. I sampled their soy meatballs, tofu jerky, sesame tofu strips and teriyaki tofu strips. The meatballs and jerky were tasty, but the tofu strips were real standouts. The tofu strips are very fine strips of tofu that have a texture reminiscent of a very thin egg omelette. I purchased the sesame version, which is wonderfully smoky and light:

The teriyaki version was also very good, but spicy in taste rather than smooth.

I also took home a bag of their tofu puffs - deep fried tofu that can be added to stir fries, soups, etc. They're a little oily but very fluffy, light and textured. They were so good I found myself eating them straight out of the bag! Here's a close up:

I also tried a tiny taste of their Chocolate Soy Mousse which was very yummy and getting rave reviews. My tofu puffs were $4 for an 8oz bag and the sesame tofu strips were $6 for a 10 oz container.

I'm already sold on soy products, but I thought the Hodo Soy products were delicious and truly gourmet.


What's so special about this quesadilla?

It's flavor ... can you guess?

OK — here's a really big clue:

"An _____ ___ without some cheese
Is like a kiss without a squeeze."

That's right - this tortilla is apple pie flavored!

A sweet new flavor from the Madrid Santa Fe Trading LLC ((877) LetsWrap), out of Sacramento. These are absolutely delicious and kids (big and small) love them. Madrid Santa Fe Trading's gourmet tortillas come in many wonderful flavors including garlic butter (#1 seller), jalapeno salsa, rosemary olive, tomato basil, spinach onion, black bean garlic as well as homestyle wheat and flour. I've tried them all and they are all good. They're always super fresh and come with heating instructions and quick recipe ideas on the package. They keep in the fridge for up to four weeks and freeze for up to six months. I purchased mine at the San Rafael Farmers' Market at the Civic Center where I got two bags for $5. If you want to try the apple pie ones, don't go too late as this flavor sells out!


Blogger Dori said...

Wow - what a market!! I wish I could have been there! Thanks for telling about your experience

4:25 PM  
Blogger cookiecrumb said...

I'm avoiding the market until I finish my project of eating up (almost) all the food we already have. Darn! I miss it terribly.
Thanks for the information about the soy company. Fantastic.

9:59 AM  

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