Wednesday, February 15, 2006

More Great Bread & Biscotti from Great Harvest Bread Co. it is--the wonderful cinnamon chip bread from Great Harvest Bread Co. (in Oakland). We can't do without this - my kids love it plain. I love it toasted with Kerrygold Irish butter. As you can see, the cinnamon chips are huge lumps of buttery cinnamon. This is awesome and keeps at room temperature for a week.

Today, David had a new bread for us to try: Dark Chocolate Cranberry Bread. Wow! If you like dark chocolate, this is the bread for you! This rich and decadent chocolate bread was packed with hand-chopped dark chocolate chips and cranberries. One bite was enough to satisfy my taste and clear my head. My daughter wanted the loaf but I knew that would be problematic (she'd be bouncing of the wall in no time).
Maybe something else, I told David. Next we tasted and settled on the Cranberry Biscotti:
Unlike most biscotti I've tried, this one is not extremely hard. It is dry and a little crumbly, and tastes rather cakelike. Perfect, with a nice hot cup of tea. My daughter, to my great surprise, said she like the biscotti better than the chocolate bread. So we both left happy and David moved on to his crowd of regulars (he's very popular).

Great Harvest only sell their bread out of their bakery in Oakland (5800 College Ave 510-655-4442) or at farmers markets. They mill their own flour each morning and make each loaf by hand. See my previous post on some of their other delicious breads.


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