Thursday, February 02, 2006

Meatless Citrus Glazed Chicken Gardenburger Meal

I've recently discovered Gardenburger products, specifically their BBQ riblets and their Chik'n Grill veggie patties, which are both really, really good. My husband (not a veggie) said the riblets tasted like the real thing and that he could eat them ever night for dinner. And the whole family loved the Chik'n grills on a hamburger bun. I checked out the Gardenburger website to see what other products were available and found a large number of items I'd never seen. I used their zipcode locator and it seemed that Albertsons carried their products. So off I went to Albertsons for the very first time. The only had a few of each item, but I found a number of great looking Gardenburger products I haven't seen anywhere else. I was also pleasantly surprised to find they had Krispy Kreme donuts too - now that could be a problem.

Anyway, I lunched alone today and was starving by 11:30 so I decided to try the Gardenburger Meal Meatless Citrus Glazed Chicken with green beans and rice. I was very attracted to it's credentials : 220 calories, 2g Fat, and a whopping 22g of protein. My eyes lit up -goodbye cottage cheese, hello citrus chicken.

So, after a few minutes in the micro, here's what my meal looked like:

I have to say, my respect for food photographers has gone way up in the last week or so. The chicken looked a little better in real life. Happily, it tasted a lot better than it looked. It had a definite chicken texture inside and tasted like chicken to me. The citrus glaze was a little sweet for me, but the strong orange flavor made a nice change. The rice was great and the green beans were surprisingly good for micro food (they squeaked a bit). I liked the glaze on the sides more than on the chicken. While it wasn't as good as the riblets or chik'n grills, with the convenience factor and great credentials, I'd enjoy this meal occasionally. I ate it all and it satisfied my hunger completely. And with the tiny amount of fat in the whole meal, I could consider indulging in one mini cruller from Krisy Kreme! (heck, only 7g of fat and 110 calories - well maybe not...)

There's two more meals listed on the box that I'd like to try, but haven't seen anywhere- Herb Grilled Chicken with Vegetables and Sweet and Sour pork. If you've tried these, let me know what you thought.


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