Friday, February 17, 2006

Lightlife Smart Menu Orange Sesame Chick'n

Here's a picture of the my plate of Lightlife Smart Menu Orange Sesame Chick'n, a vegan convenience meal that comes in a plastic pouch that you keep in the refrigerator. It came out looking pretty different from the picture on the package (where are those chick'n strips?) and that was just the beginning of my disappointment. The chick'n strips were in there, but sadly had neither the taste nor texture of chicken. They were rubbery. The orange sauce reminded me of a tinned sweet and sour sauce I tried years ago, and had a weird saccharine-like aftertaste. The taste was so unsatisfying I wanted to eat again 30 minutes later. While this item was convenient and nutritious, I won't try this one again.


Blogger Brendon said...

Plus honest reviews! Oh, what an excellent food blog.

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